Welcome to betadave.com, your “one stop shop” for stuff that Beta Dave thinks is cool. Cool means Mac stuff, digital photography,  books, movies, DVDs and technology in general. If Beta Dave says it’s cool, it must be cool. It might even be useful.

Why, you might ask, do I care what Beta Dave thinks is cool? A fair question. Beta Dave has a knack for finding cool things. Beta Dave’s friends always say “Gee Beta Dave, where’d you get that cool thing?” Beta Dave is a maven. Malcolm Gladwell says so in his book “The Tipping Point.” Mavens acquire and accumulate knowledge. This is what Beta Dave does. Just for you.

Why “Beta Dave?” My friends started calling me “Beta Dave” because I always seems to have the latest and greatest software and I’m often running pre-release test versions known in the software trade as “betas.”

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